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USA Trip - Summer 2020

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Six orders.

7,000 miles.

16 states.

1 experience we'll NEVER forget!

We started out in Ohio, heading SW through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas. Our first stop was in Topeka, KS. We designed and built a new style table and bench, and named it our 'Topeka' table!

Next stop - Reno, Nevada!

We kept on headed West through Kansas, narrowly avoiding a wicked thunderstorm.

After driving all night through desolate Wyoming and Colorado, we got into Nevada, where the sun began to rise and reveal the stunning landscape of the West.

Nevada was FULL of casinos! We made our delivery that evening in Reno, Nevada with another new table design: Our 'Reno' style.

After Reno, we set out even further West - next stop - San Jose, California!

After another night of driving, we got into the rolling hills of California, and stumbled upon the most beautiful fields of sunflowers.

In San Jose, we delivered a solid walnut counter-height 'Winchester' table and bench.

After San Jose, we set course North, along the West coast! We crossed over the legendary Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

We ended up in Petaluma, California where we setup camp!

On our first day off, we did some hiking through the redwoods.

We hit up an AMAZING fruit/veggie stand on the way home!

The next day, we went canoeing down the Russian River!

We packed up and hit the road, headed to Seattle Washington.

We delivered one of our walnut 'Atlanta' tables and benches to a high-rise apartment in downtown Seattle.

Our awesome customer took us up to the top floor to see the city like not many get the chance to!

Over the hills and through the woods, back East we went. Our next stop was in central Washington, where we delivered one of our 'Winchester' tables with a bench, four dining chairs, a walkway table, and three counter height chairs.

Another few hours Eastward brought us to Nine Mile Falls, Washington, where we had our last delivery to a beautiful new lake house. Another walnut 'Winchester' table, bench and chairs.

From there we headed to West Yellowstone, Montana where we setup camp for July 4th!

We laid out our moving blankets to make a comfy spot for fireworks.

On the way home, we got to see Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.


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