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  • How is the furniture shipped?
    For each order, we build a custom pallet to fit your furniture securely. We then blanket/stretch wrap each individual piece, place it on the pallet, and band the furniture to it, and build a 1/2" plywood crate/box around it. We ship via freight curbside delivery service. The furniture will be delivered in a box truck with a liftgate, so they can only get as close to your house as that vehicle will allow. In most cases, they can drop off the pallet in your driveway unless it's limited access. You will need help to disassemble the crate and move the furniture into your home.
  • What finishes do you use?
    For natural surfaces: We use Sayerlack 2K Polyurethane for clear coat, available in matte, satin, and gloss sheens. For stained surfaces: We use Sherwin Williams BAC Wiping Stains that can be tinted to any of Sherwin Williams stain colors or Minwax stain colors. We thin finish with Sayerlack 2K Polyurethane for clear coat, available in matte, satin, and gloss sheens. For painted surfaces: We use tinted Sayerlack Polyurethane in any Sherwin Williams paint color. Available in matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Where do you source your wood?
    We source all of our wood from Yoder Lumber and Keim Lumber in Millersburg, Ohio. All of our hardwood lumber is harvested from local forests. All of our wood scraps are donated to our local community for firewood.
  • Do you take custom build requests?
    We LOVE taking custom build requests! If you can provide a photo or two of a design/color you like, and the size you need it, we can almost always build to match your wants/needs.
  • How do I care for my newly built solid wood furniture?
    Every one of our pieces are meticulously handcrafted from hand-selected local hardwoods. Imperfections and variations are to be expected and celebrated. None of our pieces are exactly alike. By nature, some boards may be slightly uneven and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time due to changes in the home environment, including temperature and humidity. To best avoid these changes, we recommend you keep your home between 40-50% humidity, and around 70 degrees F. For cleaning, we recommend warm water on a soft cloth. No abrasive sponges/pads. You can use mild dish soap if needed for troublesome dried spots.
  • Solid wood moves. How do you construct your tables to allow for expansion/shrinkage with temp/humidity changes?
    We build all of our tables in a way that allows for seasonal movement in solid wood. Our tables are fastened to their apron with z clips which pull the top snug to the apron, while also allowing for movement. Our pedestal tables are fastened to their bases with threaded inserts and bolts. This is IMPORTANT - if tops are screwed straight to their apron/base, that does not allow for movement, which will inevitably cause the top/base to crack.
  • What measures do you take to prevent solid wood tops from cupping, and keep them as flat as possible?"
    Recently, we've started routing out mortises on the underside of our tops and fastening steel c-channels with slots (for movement) and threaded inserts/bolts. The rigidity of the steel c-channel keeps the top as flat as possible by working against cupping. Even with all of these efforts, it is possible and to be expected that some tops will cup slightly. We take every measure and effort possible to keep all of these natural wood movements to a minimum.
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