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Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina 2020

Three orders.

Eight states.

A wonderful trip!

We headed South-bound through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Alabama for our first delivery. We hopped out of the truck in Troy, Alabama (where it was a whopping 98 degrees with high humidity) and met The Palmers, a wonderful young couple in a new home. They ordered one of our 'Winchester' dining tables with chairs.


We then headed Eastward to Locust Grove, Georgia. What beautiful scenery and landscape!

We pulled up to a 'flying community' for our next customer. It's a whole neighborhood dedicated to airplane pilots, with hangers in many backyards, it was incredible to see! We then met the Nottinghams, and delivered another 'Winchester' dining set.

Even further East we headed, making it to Savannah, Georgia for our final stop. We met the Durhams there, what a lovely family and beautiful pup they had! They purchased a square walnut 'Atlanta' table.


We then headed to a KOA North of Savannah, and South of Charleston, South Carolina. We spent a couple days on the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where we got stung by jellyfish! We also spent a day in downtown Charleston, South Carolina that included the Aquarium, and Hyman's Seafood for dinner!

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